Flea and Tick Control in Florida

FleaThoroughness is the key to controlling both ticks and fleas.

All areas in which fleas and ticks live live must be addressed in order to be successful at controlling them, so proper preparation is a prerequisite for effective treatment.

One important measure is to see your veterinarian and ask if Advantix or Frontline are appropriate for your pet. In our experience, both work very well, but should be rotated periodically to prevent a potential resistance issue from developing. Of course, your vet is the final authority on your pet's health, so seek a vet's advice before starting any medication regiment.

Secondly, all pet bedding should be washed in hot water (preferably with a Borax containing product such as 20 Mule Team).

Thirdly, all items should be picked up off of the floor (such as books, clothes, toys, small items etc.) Carpet should be vacuumed thoroughly, and shampooed if possible. All tile, & vinyl flooring should be mopped thoroughly. Wood floors should be cleaned according to manufacturers’ directions (cleaning the floor is important at this point since after the product is applied you need to refrain from deep cleaning for awhile).

Flea applications on the interior are made with an adulticide and an insect growth regulator to all flooring (with exception to dark wood surfaces). Treatments are performed "wall to wall" because this is where the flea larva and eggs are concentrated. We also make an application to upholstered couches and chairs (other than leather) in areas where household pets frequent.

After an application is made you should stay off until all areas are completely dry. This will take 2 hours or so with the ceiling fans running. A week after the application is made to the interior of the house all the floors should be vacuumed thoroughly. This will help to remove any fleas left in the pupal stage. This should be done every couple of days for the following week. Dispose of vacuum bags promptly, preferably in an outside trash can.

TicksTick applications are also made with an adulticide and an insect growth regulator. The areas of application are a little different. Instead of treating the entire floor areas we concentrate on the perimeter walls, and again treat the upholstered furniture with exception of leather.

When a tick application is complete, it generally takes approximately 4 weeks for complete control, (assuming that all of the pre-treatment instructions were followed and the animals are on either the Advandtix or the Frontline product).

Lawn applications for fleas & ticks can be made for an additional price, based on square footage.