Florida Ants and their Control

Carpenter AntAnts are somewhat of a challenge here in Florida. We have well over 20 species of ants we deal with in this area of Florida. Most of them are just a nuisance. Some species, however, like carpenter ants (shown on the right) can damage property. Others, such as fire ants, can inflict painful stings.

It is important to know the species you are targeting in order to be able to come up with a successful treatment program. We continually utilize many different types of ant baits as well as liquid products.  

For indoor invading ants we begin by making a thorough inspection of all areas ants have been seen. One critical resource we use for finding ant infestations is children.  They usually know exactly where the ants are running around or entering.  Pre-baiting with honey, peanut butter or other desirable foodstuffs is also very helpful.   

After a proper identification has been made, a treatment plan is put together employing both liquid residual products and baits (to eliminate the infestation).   Generally, we expect the application to take about one week to become fully effective.  This is primarily due to the fact that baits are designed to be slower acting.  They must be ingested and / or taken back to the nest and passed around for ingestion.  Our goal with this program is colony elimination.  

We also make an exterior perimeter application to manage any colonies immediately outside of the structure. These areas include but are not limited to eaves, door frames, window frames, cable & telephone lines, etc. Ornamental landscape beds around foundation and the turf/structure interface are also treated.  This yields longer term suppression.  

We suggest to customers, especially those with children and pets, to keep a supply of Amdro on hand. It should only be applied when the area of application is dry. This will make sure is will be palatable as long as possible. The label should be followed for application directions.